Obtaining citizenship through court decision

Citizenship in most cases relates to membership of the nation state, but the term can also apply at the subnational level. Subnational entities may impose requirements, of residency or otherwise, which permit citizens to participate in the political life of that entity, or to enjoy benefits provided by the government of that entity. But in [...]

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What are the conditions for parole

If judges feel that detainees have turned and can integrate into society, detainees who meet certain legal conditions can get out of prison even with more than two years remaining to be executed. The main condition is the execution of a minimum of punishment, which the elected people proposed and voted last year to decrease, [...]

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Ex-husband does not agree to take abroad the child on holiday. What can I do?

If the former husband does not agree to go along with the child on holiday abroad, the solution is to provide his / her agreement. That is, you can sue it by asking the court to make a decision to supplement the former husband's consent to obtaining a tourist pass, with a view to moving [...]

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Under what conditions are interim protection orders issued for victims of domestic violence

More recently, victims of domestic violence may demand a provisional order from the cops, without waiting for an ordinary one, approved by the judge. The interim protection order model and its instructions have been officialized recently. The policeman comes to the scene, puts the victim of domestic violence to answer certain questions and to make [...]

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All applications for inheritance must now be filed with the court

A law that has entered into force today brings several changes to the substantive jurisdiction of the courts in civil proceedings. These include the specification that, irrespective of value, all applications for inheritance will now have to be submitted to the judges. Further, the jurisdiction of the tribunals has stated that they judge, as a [...]

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When the creditor’s passivity helps us get rid of the execution

There are legislative solutions that can get rid of some of the effects of forced execution, and obsolescence is one of them. Perimism is a sanction clearly directed at those with whom we have debts, and that leaves too much time to pass to demand enforcement action against us. More precisely, if they stayed for [...]

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